the raven

In the folklore of the Haida people, Raven brings light back to a world plunged in darkness. He steals the Sun from a powerful Chief who had taken it and greedily kept it hidden away. Moved by the plight of seeing his world and its people struggle on in darkness, Raven bravely restores the Sun back to its rightful place, flooding the earth with light and warmth.

The light in this desert tells stories of the past, present and future woven seamlessly together like a melody. Raven is this desert. His keen eyes take in the liminal magic of the light he has stolen back for us. He will take this desert glow far and wide, his powerful wingbeats audible in the true silence of things, spreading the light of this dusty place.

Each morning, when Bodhi and I go out to greet the desert, Raven has been following us. Flying from Joshua tree to Joshua tree, squawking loudly, saying that the time has come for him to let the light of this desert in.

And so we introduce THE RAVEN, a quarterly print journal. A homage by members of a small desert community to our beloved Mojave High-Desert, a conduit for its enchanted light and all the strange creatures who bask in its glow.

Image source: Google images

Image source: Google images